What a UCD gal learned on her adventure to Limerick

  1. For every friendly looking stranger you see, there’s about 4 dodgy looking ones.
  2. It costs 20 cent to go to the bathroom in Arthur’s Quay Shopping Centre and being the cheapie that I am I was not impressed, but it’s definitely worth it if you haven’t used the bathroom in over 8 hours.
  3. Lifestyle Sports in Arthur’s Quay Shopping Centre being robbed may or may not be a common occurrence- this is based off of the fact that when I arrived a lad ran from the shop, set the alarm off, and then a security man arrived about 10 minutes later muttering “jesus, not again”.
  4. Your Limerick friends probably know their way around the city just as much as you do, so if you get lost you’re pretty much fucked.
  5. You’ll soon learn that most people in Limerick are of the “sure if I get stabbed, I get stabbed” mindset.
  6. Despite being 18 and having much experience with it, you’ll forget how to cross a road simply because you’re in a new place.
  7. Flagging down buses apparently doesn’t exist in Limerick- they just stop.
  8. You don’t need to tell the bus drivers anything– they’ll just know.
  9. Don’t expect to get home from Limerick with money.
  10. Ashdown student accommodation security is top notch.
  11. Be careful in Mary I, it is absolutely WILD there.
  12. There is significantly less people wearing chinos in Limerick than in Dublin.
  13. If you’re a paranoid soul like me, you’ll find yourself checking your pockets for your phone and money every time a stranger walks by.
  14. The Limerick accent makes boys sound scarier than they are.
  15. Despite popular belief and its reputation, Limerick is filled with some really lovely folk- I saw a young lad helping an elderly stranger, this is all the proof you need.
    (Thanks to the cool Limerick gals Ellen, Aoife Del, Ciara, Shannon, Jane and my fellow Dublin friend Cool Artsy Niamh for making my little trip to Limerick as wonderful as possible :] Yay for fun college times!)

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