How do I college? Part 2

  1. You’ll soon forget you have 9am lectures because you’ll just stop going to them.
  2. Is that assignment really more important than watching that film you’ve seen 6 times already? The correct answer is no.
  3. You’ll mostly use the college wifi to download films and many, many series of programmes.
  4. It’s ok to bring your own lunch sometimes. Food in college is expensive!
  5. Hello weight gain.
  6. You have never seen as many boys in chinos as you will in college.
  7. Hollister and Jack Wills jumpers are not a rare sight either.
  8. If you’re struggling to meet people, throw Harry Potter or Game Of Thrones into a conversation and let the bonding begin.
  9. Be prepared to be looked down on when you mention you’ve never seen Breaking Bad.
  10. Watch Breaking Bad.
  11. You’ll spend more time trying to connect to UCD’s wifi than you will actually using it.
  12. You’ll find yourself watching some of the worst shows on telly (and enjoying them) just to avoid work.
  13. Sleeping in lectures is all well and good until you remember how much money your parents are spending on your college education.
  14. Cancelled lectures are almost as good as Christmas morning.
  15. Class nights out are your opportunity to find out who you’re going to be avoiding for the next few years of your degree.
  16. Having a million tabs open with sites relevant to your assignment while you go on Facebook is almost the same as doing your assignment.
  17. You’ll find yourself getting angry with boys around college because they look better in skinny jeans than you do.
  18. The printer will never work when you’re in desperate need of it.
  19. You are never going to find a seat at lunch time, much less a seat near a plug socket where you can charge your laptop/phone.
  20. You’re going to the college library at 1 o clock to get that essay done? I hope you don’t mind sitting on the floor.
  21. For all you naive folk (like myself), not everyone in college is nice. I assumed that as soon as secondary school was finished, everyone was nice and the world was just rainbows and butterflies, but alas, this is not the case.
  22. But remember, for every mean person you meet, there’s about 40 really lovely people. Or at least I refuse to believe anything but this.

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