What the college prospectus doesn’t tell you about UCD

  1. Sometimes the girls are really nice to each other anonymously via the bathroom stalls.Image
  2. Sometimes they’re not so nice.Image
  3. And sometimes, they’re just downright inspiring
  4. This is the library before 9 in the morning
  5. And this is the library any time after 9 in the morning (apologies for the bad quality, taking photos of people you don’t know isn’t exactly something I wanted to make a show of doing)
  6. Arts kids aren’t expected to find their way around the building without the help of colours.Image
  7. And we’ve been assigned in and out doors (which for some reason people do not understand and insist on walking out the in door or in the out door…way to fight the Arts stereotype, guys!)
  8. My favourite thing about campus is that we have a statue of an egg being fertilised for no apparent reason. Why, you ask? Why not, we say.

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